Black and White Photos

Me and My Shadow

I was just walking in Seattle’s U-District heading to Northgate Mall. I felt the urge to take a Photo of my shadow. I also started to sing a short little jig called “Sock in my Shoe”.

Foggy City

I was traveling around Chinatown Seattle and I noticed that the sky was very foggy. I wanted to take a Black and White Photo to show the eerie feeling I felt that day.

 Back Alley

I was walking to Jillian’s with my co-worker Rob. Not much else to say here just after looking at the picture months later, I like how it came out.

Junk Desk Montage

I took a Black and White photo of Ryu and Akuma bobble heads that I got at E3. I just happened to take it with all kinds of junk laying around on my desk at home. Don’t know really what to think of it, but Ryu and Akuma sure look cool.

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