My Thoughts: I’m through with white girls

Posted on 01/08/2012


I just got finished watching this movie and I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I was sifting though the list of online movies to watch on Netflix and I saw this. My initial thought was “oh no, what is this going to be about. Why people need to stick with their own race?” So it started with the main character leaving a girl he was dating house by leaving her a note (this is his MO). Long story short after having done this to many white girls (as its shown in the opening) he talks to his best friend saying that he needs to give up white girls. This leads up to a montage of bad dates with black girls. Then he meets Catherine, who was shown earlier in the movie as just a mixed girl with dreads. She’s a writer and is quirky and dysfunctional like Jay who’s an artist. They end up hooking up and the story goes through the typical boy meets girl, boy dates girl, boy breaks up with girl and thinks he did wrong and lastly tries to win her back.

I wanted to talk about this movie cause I ended up liking it because the relationship Jay and Catherine seemed genuine. From the beginning of the movie Jay is always talked down to because he doesn’t follow the norm. He even does it to himself. Because he’s a artist that illustrates for graphic novels (a few women in the movie play it down by calling him a comic book artist) and don’t really take him seriously. But Catherine likes him regardless. I think I liked all this because I in my own way hope that a relationship that I enter next can be like theirs. Honestly I did see a lot of myself in the main character and have had the same thoughts he has had at one point or another. So I don’t know if anybody else will like it for those reasons, but that’s why I like it.

So check it out, its on Netflix. Till next post, Chaz Bazz signing off.

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