Road to the VGCs Part 2: Meet the Team!

Posted on 05/11/2011



 Chandelure "Vuurspook"

This is one of my Leads. If you read my previous post you'd know that I'm using it for its higher 
tier in facing other Ghost types (in terms of speed), access to Heat Wave 
and resistance to fake out. 

Move Set- Heat Wave, Shadow Ball, Taunt, Protect

Mienshao "Fa Mulan"

Partner to Chandelure. Her main goal it to give Chandelure openings to take 
out common leads that have come up in various VGC teams I've seen. 
Once that is finished, she does her best to bear down foes with her 
blazing speed. 

Move Set- Rock Slide, Fake Out, Taunt, Wide Guard 

Hydreigon "Trinexx" 

Hydreigon is a power house that I felt could really hold its own in the back part of 
the VGC if/when the leads got taken out meant to take down common back niners 
either using super effective strikes or just its pure attack prowess, 
this one can hold its own in the "back nine". 

Move Set- Crunch, Draco Metor, Fire Blast, Protect 

Conckeldurr "Talestajia" 

Conceldurr is the other power house of the "back nine". Slow, but can hit'em 
where it hurts when needed. with the added priority of Mach Punch it can get 
it first to lay some crushing damage. 

Move Set-Mach Punch, Rock Slide, Payback, Protect 

Mushranna "Sionic" 

One of the alternate leads in case I feel my primary leads can't handle whats ahead. 
Using its Trick Room and Yawn it can change the tide of battle either by 
stopping a teams Trick Room from being established or giving my Pokemon the 
power to set the tone of the Match. 

Move Set-Psychic, Yawn, Trick Room, Protect 

Samurott "Kaldur'aum" 

This starter Pokemon is paired with Mushranna so it can use full force of 
its Surf attack without having to hurt its Teammate in the process. 

Move Set-Surf, Blizzard, Grass Knot, Detect 

So this is the team I plan to enter the 2011 Pokemon VGC's with. Hopefully everything that I've learned and practiced over the
course of these few months will take me to victory. 

This is Chaz Bazz Signing Off!
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