Road to the Pokemon VGC 2011 Part 1

Posted on 04/11/2011


Hello Pokemon Fans!

So this section will be about the preparation for the 2011 Pokemon Video Game Championships or “VGCs” for short.

So I’ve been on the Simulator “Pokemon Online” ( Studying and Battling trying to learn as much as possible about the trends and strategies used by various trainers. So with each update I’ll present one of the Pokemon I’ve chosen to go into the VGC’s with and my reasoning why.

Presented Pokemon of the Post!


The Ghost/Fire type Pokemon.

I choose this guy to be apart of my “Front 9” meaning he’s the one that is one of the two Pokemon I open the match with.

I love his ability to use Taunt and its Ghost typing of this Pokemon. The goal of this one is to Block Fake Outs and Taunt any sort of in coming Tailwind/Trick Room Teams. It also has access to Heat Wave which in Double Battles (which the VGCs are) is great for attacking both Pokemon on the other side. I do have to watch out for the all powerful trifecta of All attacking moves Earthquake, Rockside and Surf..but you’ll see who his ravishing partner is and why they got each others back.

Next post I’ll present my progress in the actual Black/White game on getting my Pokemon Team VGC ready.

Til next post.

Chaz Bazz signing off.

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