Larouche Pac Meeting 3.15.2011: What Causes Earthquakes?

Posted on 03/18/2011


Hello World! So let me tell you about the experience I had at a Larouche Pac meeting this past Wednesday.  So I’ve been going to their meetings for quite some time only because they’re into scientific research.  Or so I thought. It started by me getting a text message from one of the members of the group saying “Can you come to Wednesday’s Meeting? We need to figure out what causes earthquakes!” So I think to myself “Don’t we already know that”? So I send him a message back saying “Isn’t it Plate Tectonics”. After some other exchanges he finally said “It actually has a lot more to do with what’s happening outside the Earth than what’s happening on the Earth. So I’m not a scientist but I find myself to be scientifically inquisitive so I thought I’d check it out. So come Wednesday I placed on my scientific hat and objective mind and dove in.

So they pick me up from work and I ask one of the guys from Larouche “So what are these outside forces that are acting on the Earth and causing earthquakes?”  He goes on to explain that there has been a correlation between Solar Flares from the Sun and increased magnitude of earthquakes. I comment that it’s an interesting observation. So what steps are being taken to take it from correlation to causation? The guy in the car couldn’t give me more information. I expected that plus why else would I be going to the meeting?

So we arrive at their offices and I talk to the usual suspects waiting for the meeting to begin. Finally the meeting beginning and it starts with a small presentation of NAWAPA  (North American Water and Power Alliance) a old project they’re trying to renew. They use this to segway into the weekly report which talks slightly about the subject of Solar Flares and Earthquakes but mainly to point out how understanding how said phenomena work connects with their prime directive.  After the long and un informational meeting (they weren’t able to play the one we were supposed to see) I go to one of their computers and watch a video. Here’s a link:

So I finally got my answers, well sorta. I now understand that all they really had were some observation about Solar Flares and that they happen to be happening around the same time. So ok what next? That’s what disappointed me with the whole presentation. I didn’t really care that at the beginning and end their leader presented the underling meaning of these correlation and how they connect with the organizations goal. I expect that, after all where would any organization be if it didn’t present their core values in everything they did. I digress.  I was disappointed because they didn’t talk about the next steps on how they were going to figure out if/how they are affecting Earthquakes. Yes they did mention that there was more to come in the next few weeks, all I felt I was left with is “we believe that Solar Flares and Earthquakes are connected in some way”.  Right now I look forward (kinda) to what they have to say next. Mainly to see how it compares to what is already known about Earthquakes and how they happen and function.

That’s all for now! Chaz Bazz signing off.